All you want to know about Sapna Chaudhury Big Boss 11 Contestant

Sapna Chaudhary in Bigg Boss 11

The latest season of the popular Television Show in Colors channel, “Big Boss-11” surprised many with its list of participants.  Sapna Chaudhary was a name in that list that stunned many.

Haryanvi Singer and Dancer Sapna Chaudhary does not need any formal introduction in the entire northern state of this country.  She is a star stage performer and a You Tube Sensation and is now well known all over the country through her You Tube videos.

She has become a star from her first singing number and dance performance on stage.  Sapna dancer performs on Haryanvi style songs.  She performs live for her audience in public meetings, marriage functions and such programs in almost all northern states of India.

Sapna Dancer belongs to a small, medium class family from Rohtak, Haryana. She was born on December 20, 1990. Her father worked in Haryana police. She has a mother and a brother in her family and completed her education in Rohtak.

Sapna lost her father at an early age. She was just 12 years old when her father died.  The burden of supporting her family having her mother and her brother came on her young shoulders.

Sapna Chaudhary took up dancing on stage as her career to support her family.  She started singing also, Haryanvi style on stage. She performed in all programs of public gathering she was asked to, to earn her livelihood.

Sapna Chaudhary became incredibly famous because of her unique singing and dancing style. People started calling her “Anaarkali of Haryana”.

Her dance moves with her thumkas and jhatkas started moving masses to her performances. Sapna Chaudhary became the dancing doll of Haryana, a guarantee of success of all her programs and performances.

Sapna Chaudhary later migrated to Delhi from Rohtak, Haryana, with her mother and brother. She tried to commit suicide last year in the month of September by consuming rat poision. But luckily, medical intervention saved her life after she was rushed to a hospital.

Sapna Dancer wrote a very long letter as her attempted suicide note. She claimed in that letter that she was being harassed by a certain community of people by their constant and continuous online campaign against her.  They declared her dance performances on stage as vulgar.

They also declared her songs as objectionable because of its contents.  Sapna Chaudhary said Satpal Tanwar was responsible for her wanting to commit suicide.

She categorically mentioned his name in her suicide note. This man, Satpal Tanwar, also lodged police complaints against Haryanvi dancer and singer in Haryana Police, charging her of public vulgarities.

However, Sapna Chaudhary is back with a bang and her being in Big Boss 11 as a participant proves it.

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