Sapna Chaudhaury, Rocks in “Big Boss 11”, Salman Khan becomes her Fan

Sapna Chaudhary in Bigg Boss 11

Sapna Chaudhaury, the popular and controversial singer, dancer and stage performer from Haryana, is in headlines again. She is participant in the popular Television Show hosted by Hindi Movies Super Star Salman Khan, the “Big Boss”, in its 11th season edition.

Sapna Dancer already enjoys a status of a popular stage performing artist, singer, dancer, and her popularity in North of India is as great as a TV star.  The TV show” Big Boss” has earned its popularity because of its host, super star Salman Khan and the controversies in the show.  

This popular TV show, “Big Boss” is gaining in its popularity by its capacity to invite and involve controversial participants. This year in its eleventh season, it has managed to hook in Haryanvi Singer-Dancer.

Sapna Chaudhaury made a tremendous entry in the show in the opening night.

But she made everyone know that she is not so common a person. Her bold, confident entry on stage in the program made even Salman Khan dance with her.  Sapna mesmerized everyone with her stage presence and determination to do well in the show.  

Sapna Dance who hails from Rohtak, Haryana, has made her name and fame through her singing and dancing on stage.  She is popularly called as “Anaarkali of Haryana” because of her dance moves. These dances and singing style of Sapna Chaudhaury are known as Jhatkas and Thumkas.

Sapna Chaudhaury belongs to a simple middle class Haryanvi family living in Rohtak. She lost her father at her early age and had to bear the entire responsibility of supporting her family.  After that, she started performing on stage for common people, may be in a marriage ceremony or in a public meeting.  She got her stardom from her first singing number on stage. Sapna Dancer became a heart throb of her audience very early because of her performing style.  

Sapna Chaudhaury became a star not only in Haryana but also in North Indian States of Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi. She migrated to Delhi from Haryana with her mother and brother and continued her journey.

Haryanvi-Singer Dancer Sapna Chaudhary attempted to commit suicide by consuming rat poison last year in the month of September.

 She was allegedly harassed by a certain community of people, led by one Satpal Tanwar who said her dance numbers are vulgar. She wrote a long letter as her suicide note. Timely intervention brought her immediately to a hospital and the medical help saved her life.  

Now Sapna Dancer stands firm on her ground again. Many in our country may not approve of what she does as a stage artist, but whatever she is doing, it is for her livelihood. And she is doing well. Her participation in in “Big Boss 11” is a living proof of Sapna Chaudhaury’s increasing popularity.  

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