Sapna Choudhury- The Haryanvi Sapna Dance Sensation


Have you heard of Sapna Dance? Do you know Sapna Choudhury, the Haryanvi dancing sensation? Sapna has started a new era in Haryanvi stage dancing with her Haryanvi folk’s background music on which she dances and makes the crowd crazy.

Who is Sapna Choudhury?

Sapna Choudhury is from Haryanvi Choudhury family and she belongs to Choudhury cast as in Haryanvi culture. These people carryout all their activities in Haryanvi culture and language. Sapna Choudhury is still unmarried as it is popularly known.

Sapna is one of the most popular dancers in Haryana. She chose dancing as her career option. She was born in district Rohtak. She has one brother and one sister. She basically belongs to a middle class family. She loves to stay with her mother.  She is a fantastic dancer in Haryana folk style. She has completed her basic education from Rohtak. She is mostly seen in orchestra shows.

She wants to become a popular actress in short time. She is a big fan of Deepika Padukone.

Her stage performances on songs, Solid body, Gora gora, Sara rola pathli kamar ka, Bahu jamidar ki, Rate vade ge, Karboje si teri jawani, Dahta marna have turned people mad. And she is repeatedly on demand to perform on these song numbers.

What is Sapna dance?

The dance shows performed by Sapna Choudhury are mainly on stages in orchestra shows. She dances with a particular Haryana style and this dancing style is popularly known as Sapna dance.


Sapna dance, performed by Sapna Choudhury is specially designed for the mob. It does not have any classical dance style. She dances on pure Haryanvi language songs very popular among local people and her dances are to provoke and excite people to rain money on her. Sapna dance is designed to make mob go crazy, some for Sapna Choudhury and some for her exciting body parts movements during stage dancing. Most of her dance performances are available in You tube for people to watch them at their leisure.

Sapna dance is a classic example of dance style to make crowd crazy. This type of stage performances are present in northern states of India, mainly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. There this is popularly called as Nautanki. These dance forms are to entertain the village land lords and affluent village people and are of mainly erotic standards.

Sapna dance has made Sapna Choudhury so popular that people named the dance form after her. No other dancer could attain such stardom before Sapna Choudhury. Sapna dance is to make the blood boil with excitement and move the mob to frenzy. Very shortly Sapna Choudhury may be seen in Haryanvi movies where a greater number of audience will be able to see her dance performances.

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